Overview Screen

Overview Page

The Overview page reveals a quick look at your infrastructure and devices, most items and graphs can be clicked on to drill into the detail. The areas you can view are:

  • Provisioning Bridges

Listing of all bridges that have requested association with UDM Pro. The bridges are identified by name and if approved, a green check mark. If the bridge is not yet approved, a yellow triangle. Clicking on a bridge takes you to the Bridge details page.

  • Device Statistics

Approved Devices is the number of phone devices that are approved for use and are ready for provisioning or have been provisioned. Clicking the number takes you to the Devices sub-menu, described later under Devices.

Unapproved Devices is the opposite of Approved Devices. The number represents phone devices that not yet approved. Clicking the number takes you to the Unapproved Devices sub-menu, described later under Unapproved Devices. This panel is only visible when you have devices that are not yet approved.

  • Top Device Sets

The number, displayed in a pie chart of device sets with number of devices assigned, of device sets configured to manage the phone devices assigned to a given set. Clicking on a segment will take you to the Device set page.

  • Approved Devices by Model

Displayed as vertical bar graph, models of approved devices are listed at the bottom and the number of devices in that model is listed on the left of the graph. Clicking on a bar will take you to the models screen.