UDM Pro Bridge Guide

If you encounter any complications or questions while install UDM Pro, you can contact Enoten support for clarification and assistance. 

Hardware and Software Requirements

UDM Pro Bridge

The number of UDM Pro Bridge/s server will depend on the size, distribution of your Polycom phone deployment along with polling interval and bandwidth availability. Although it is possible to run up to 10k devices on a single bridge we would only recommend this if the polling is spread over a large period of time and the number and size of phone logs are restricted. Generally up to 5k devices per bridge is the maximum recommended.

Recommended Hardware

DevicesUDM Bridge Server

CPUMemoryFree Disk Space
< 1,0004 @ 3.2Ghz4GB100GB
< 5,0004 @ 3.2Ghz8GB150GB
< 10,0008 @ 3.2Ghz8GB200GB

Network Interface: 1 Gbps

Note: Disk space requirements changed with v2.1. With v2.1 more files will stored on the bridge to improve performance, with this change it is now possible to move the majority of these files to a different drive to the C drive "Program Data" folder.Generally we would recommend a minimum of 10GB free below 2000 devices. 20GB for 2000-4000 devices and 30GB for 4000 to 6000 devices. These numbers will vary based on your device log retention and the frequency of activity of the devices. As an example we do have customers using 80GB with 4500 devices, we therefore recommend keeping 100GB available. For more details see Move device files off of the C drive

Required Software

  • Windows Server 2016 or newer, current Cumulative Updates (Windows Server 2012 R2 will work but when upgrades are done you need to rerun it after an error message on the first upgrade attempt)


On the bridge it requires exclusive use of Port 80/TCP or alternatively 443/TCP if HTTPS is used. It also uses port 8090 internally for internal communication between the UDM services.

Externally the bridge talks to the tenant on HTTPS TCP/443, a firewall rule maybe required to allow the server external access. If you use a proxy for external access for servers you will need to configure the proxy as described in Configuring Bridge Communication via Proxy.

Internally the bridge talks to the phones on port 80/TCP or 443/TCP depending on if you have setup the phones for HTTP or HTTPS it also uses port 5060/UDP for rebooting phones with checksyncreboot command. Phone talk to the bridge on port 80/TCP or 443/TCP.