UDM Pro Admin Guide

User's Guide
Unified Device Manager Pro
Provided by Enoten

NOTE For Help with Ranger the manual can be found here

Enoten Unified Device Manager (UDM) Pro is an Enterprise-scale application platform for managing your Polycom, Yealink and AudioCodes voice-over-IP (VoIP) devices. The application consists of two main components:

  • UDM Pro Server
    • Administration portal server for the configuration and management of the devices and also provisioning bridges in the enterprise. There is only one server in the topology.
    • The server can either be in the Enoten cloud or installed on-premise
  • Provisioning Bridge
    • Server that provides the configuration, firmware and resource files to the devices on enterprise network
    • The number of provisioning bridges depends on the enterprise network and business requirements.
    • Always installed on premise

To access the UDM Pro Server administration screens we recommend the following browsers:

Google Chrome 55.0 and newer, Microsoft Edge 25 and newer, Windows Internet Explorer 11, Apple Safari in macOS Sierra and iOS 9, Mozilla Firefox 51 and newer, Opera Software Opera 42.0 and newer

Note! UDM Pro supports most current browsers if they comply with the W3C standards, including ECMA JavaScript and JSON. If you are unsure if your browser supports these standards, use one of the listed browsers. Browser versions cited are the versions that were used to test the software during development and Quality Assurance. Other versions may work fine, but if there is a potential problem, use a version cited to eliminate a possible change in browser behavior.

This guide covers the screens found within the UDM Pro server portal. These screens allow you to configure your devices, load firmware and resources and manage the devices within your environment.

Accessing the UDM Pro Portal

When you signed up to use UDM you will have been given the URL to your server. Enter this URL into a supported browser and you can enter the logon details you have been given.

When you sign in you are presented with an overview page and on the left hand side is a Sidebar.

Sidebar Dashboard Items

The Sidebar (essentially a menu), on the left side of the page, is your access to all functions for managing the software, provisioning bridges, and your deployed phone devices.
The sidebar is broken down to logical sections, each responsible for managing a part of configuration, management, and deployment.

Located at the top, above Overview, is the name of the currently logged in user. Immediately below the user's name is a link to logout. Click Logout to quit this session of UDM Pro.

Further details on the items in the side bar are on these pages: