See the Yealink section at the bottom of this page for specific requirements for Yealink devices.

Software updates are provided by the manufacturers on a regular basis. We recommend you create a process for the regular updating of the software.

The latest version of the software for VVX can be found here on the Polycom Support Site and for the Trio's here on the Polycom Support Site. When selecting the version to use for the VVX we recommend using the SPLIT version rather than the COMBINED. The split file uses significantly smaller files to update the phone and therefore reduces the bandwidth requirements when performing software updates. 

Add Software

To upload a software package to UDM Pro, do the following.

  1. On the sidebar, click Software
  2. On the right side of the Software page, click Add
  3. On the Upload Software dialog, you have a couple options to upload the software package to UDM Pro
    1. From your computer in a file browser, select the software package to upload, drag and drop it into the dropzone
    2. Click in the dropzone area, and from the resulting file explorer, select the package that you want to upload, then click Open
  4. Note that there is a progress bar indicating that the file is uploading. When the file is uploaded, a notification is displayed at the bottom of the page indicating All files uploaded. Click Dismiss on the notification
  5. If you have more software to upload, repeat Steps 3 and 4. If you are done adding software, click Software in the sidebar and confirm that the software is either in the Processing or Processed state. The software is ready to use when the status is Processed

Deleting Software Packages

We recommend deleting unused software packages when the last device that is using a given software has been upgraded to a newer or different software.

Note! Deleting software that is in use by devices deletes all references and the source files for the software from UDM Pro. Devices will continue to operate normally. However, you cannot deploy the deleted version of software to other devices without uploading the package into UDM Pro. Due to all references to the software being removed, the software deployed to devices that was deleted

To delete a software package, do the following:

  1. Scroll to locate or use Filter to find the software to delete
  2. Click the Delete icon
  3. A Confirmation dialog is displayed. Click Cancel if you do not want to delete the profile, or click Remove All Associations & Delete and remove the selected software

Viewing Software Detail

Click on the software package that you need to view.

In Software Details the following information is displayed if available in the package

Filename – name of the package as it was uploaded

    • Version – The version of the software, determined by attributes in the package
    • File Size – Size of the package as uploaded
    • Status – The status of the package after processing
    • Readme – If there was a readme file in the package, the file is displayed. You click Read More… if the size of the file exceeds the size of the pane in the Readme dialog
    • Any Tags associated with the Software

Yealink Software

The latest version of the software for Yealink can be found here on the Yealink Support Site. When selecting the version to use be aware the are multiple versions of devices in some case with some being for IP telephony and some for Skype for Business or Teams.

As well as downloading the ROM file you must also download the matching "xxxxxxx Description of Configuration Parameters in CFG" file which is under User Documents for the device you are downloading firmware for. The configurations zip file contains an Excel XLS file that has all the attributes available for a specific firmware version. We require that you create a new ZIP file with an appropriate name and included the software .rom file and the .xls file for that version. This can then be uploaded exactly the same as for Polycom.

For a mixed Polycom and Yealink environment the Software will be in tabs.