UDM Pro Bridge Installation

Before installing the Bridge software check the server meets the minimum requirements in the UDM Pro Bridge Guide

UDM Pro Bridge installation

  1. Download the latest UDM Pro Bridge installation files from https://www.enoten.com/download#udm-dl
  2. Run the installer on the server set up for the Bridge. You may get prompted with a UAC box click yes to proceed.
  3. Click Next and select the Folder you would like the bridge to be installed in. By default it is installed in C:\Program Files\Event Zero\UDM Pro Bridge\
  4. Complete the installation process and click Finish.
  5. When the installation is complete you will have the option to Launch the UDM Pro Configuration Manager leave this ticked and click Finish.

Configuring the Bridge

When the Configuration Manager loads enter the tenant Server Root URL ie https://xxxxx.enoten.com where xxxxx is your unique tenant ID. Optionally you can also enter details of your proxy if it is required to get access to the Internet from the server. Next press the start bridge button.

If this is the first time you have installed the bridge on the server you will be told the bridge needs approving

Click the Approve Bridge button and you will be taken to the Bridges page on your tenan

Approve the bridge by clicking on the "Approve bridge for provisioning" icon  in the Actions column. The bridge status will then change to approved

The final step before you are ready to start configuring UDM Pro to deliver configurations to your devices, is to point your phones at the Bridge. There are two options:

  1. Manual setup of each phone either on the device itself or through the web browser to it. This is usually done only for initial testing due to the manual process involved. For details of this process see Setting up a VVX phone for Provisioning without DHCP
  2. Polycom devices are primarily designed to work with DHCP for provisioning and this is the method you would use for live deployment. The next section briefly describes how this works.

Setting up DHCP to work with Polycom Devices

The purpose of this is to outline the step to setup DHCP for the provisioning of your devices. Due to the number of different DHCP systems it is not aimed at explaining the process in a specific DHCP implementation.

Polycom devices use DHCP by default, it is assumed this has not been changed. Depending on your device license it will use option 160 (IP SKU) or option 161 (Lync/Skype for Business SKU). If you are not sure which SKU you have or have a mix then you can set both. Option 160 or 161 is not a standard option on most DHCP servers so you will need to add them (refer to your DHCP server documentation). The parameter will point to the Bridge server either as http://fqdn or http://Ipaddress if you choose to implement a secure connection between the phone and bridge then you will use https://fqdn. If you have changed the port that the bridge uses in the configuration then you can for example if it was change to port 8090 to set your DHCP option to http://fqdn:8090. Having set the options the next time the phone reboots or renews its lease it will connect to the UDM Pro Bridge and receive its configuration.

If you do not require to setup any of the more advanced bridge configurations in the following sections you can go to the UDM Pro Admin Guide for how to setup your configuration.