Getting Started

Ranger Quick Start Guide
How to get up and running quickly with Ranger

1 Security

    • Make sure you have changed the password on the admin account to something secure
    • Create user accounts for the people who will be using Ranger

2 Install Bridge

Install the bridge to allow syncing of the Active Directory (AD data). Details can be found in Bridge Guide

3 Settings

    • Make sure Active Directory Sync is setup and working
    • Depending on the size of your AD it could take a few mins or many hours to full synchronize the information when you first setup

4 Create Ranges

A range is a physical or logical group of numbers and we place number blocks within a range, Setting up of these are found in the Ranges and Phone Number Blocks section

    • Create the Range and add any notes required
    • Add a phone number block for the range created, yuou can import number blocks from a CSV

4 Test PowerShell Connection (Optional)

If you intend to use the PowerShell interface we recommend testing it at this point.

Full details Powershell install can be found in Ranger PowerShell Module documentation

The available commands are in the PowerShell Cmdlets