PowerShell Cmdlets

Complete list of Ranger PowerShell module cmdlets.

To download and install the Ranger PowerShell module, please see Ranger PowerShell Module

Ranger Commander cmdlets

CommandDescriptionAvailability Version
Connect-UDMServerConnects to a UDM serverv1.0
New-UdmRmRangeCreate a new Rangev1.0

Change a range

Get-UdmRmRangeGet a rangev1.0 
Remove-UdmRmRangeRemove a rangev1.0
New-UdmRmNumberBlockCreate a new number block for a rangev1.0
Set-UdmRMNumberBlockChange a number blockv1.0 
Get-UdmRmNumberBlockGet a number blockv1.0
Remove-UdmRmNumberBlockRemove a number blockv1.0
Get-UdmRmNumberGet a numberv1.0
Set-UdmRmNumberSet a numberv1.0
New-UdmRmNumberReservationGet the next available number in a range and reserve itv1.0