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Unapproved devices are devices that have registered with a bridge, the bridge has notified EZ UDM Pro of the registration, but the administrator has not yet approved the device to do anything more than simply register. Consider that the process of registering is asking permission to use the totality of services that the bridge and EZ UDM Pro can offer.
Unapproved devices display the same type of information that an approved device would show.
Unapproved Devices are listed by the following columns:


Many environments use safeguards that are network-based. For example, the act of plugging in a phone without allowing communication beyond a network device (typically a switch) prevents the type of abuse vector that approval in EZ UDM Pro is designed to prevent. In these cases, use of a feature in EZ UDM Pro and common to phone provisioning, zero-touch approval (ZTA) is an option that reduces the administrative effort of manually approving new devices by allowing the system to accept and approve new devices automatically.