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  • Name – The name assigned to each Speed Dial configuration. You can click the Name link to view or edit the existing entries for this configuration
  • Entries – The number of configured Speed Dial entries in this Speed Dial configuration
  • Tags – The number of Tags that are associated with this Speed Dial configuration
  • Actions – The additional functions that you can perform on a Speed Dial configuration (In this instance, Delete of an existing Speed Dial configuration entry)
  • Filter - Ability to filter your Speed Dial configurations by dynamically returning matching entries as you type
  • Add – Click to Add a new Speed Dial configuration
  • Speed Dial configurations – click to view or edit the existing entries for this configuration


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Add a New Speed Dial Entry

  1. Click Speed Dial on the sidebar
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  2. Click Add to create a new entry
  3. On the Speed Dial – Add New dialog, type a name for the Speed Dial set in the Name field (required)
  4. Add a note or description in the description field (optional)
  5. Click Add in the Entries dialog to create new speed dial entries
    1. Type the Speed Dial Number in the text field, using a number from 1 to 9999, this is the order in which they are applied to the device
    2. Type a first name as an identifier for the entry in the field labelled First Name (Required)
    3. Type a last name in the field labelled Last Name (Optional)
    4. Type a label (identifier) for this entry in the field Label (Required)